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Successful Educational Publishing – Health & Safety

Relocatable – Ideal for someone who has a passion for helping our nation’s you

The subject Company is a successful and long established online developer and marketer of life-saving educational materials focused on preventing childhood injuries and fatalities with targeted health and safety education materials. Broad customer base with very minimal customer concentration and a huge library of intellectual property developed over many years. Sales are to entities such as local, state and federal government agencies, health organizations, hospitals, fire & police departments and more.

Their highly developed custom and on-demand production systems increase stickiness and reorders and they are often the sole source for their customers. While certainly a for-profit enterprise, this is one of those unique businesses where an owner can operate a profitable business while making a difference in the safety and well-being of our nation’s youth.

Excellent opportunity for a husband and wife team, individual with marketing or business experience, or a direct marketing / online business that is looking for an add-on opportunity.

The business has a superb reputation and a host of opportunities for growth that will be instantly recognizable to a new owner.

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Successful Hard Goods Retailer & Wholesale Business For Sale

Successful Arizona Business For Sale. This 20+ year-old family owned business offers sales of major-brand hard goods to retail and wholesale customers. The Company offers products that are a necessity in everyday life, from many of the nation’s leading manufacturers, and specializes in a wide variety of products including high-end and custom products. They have a superb reputation, a high traffic retail location, a highly experienced sales staff with an depth knowledge of the products they sell and a large selection of products at very competitive prices, These are just a few of the reasons why this Company continues to experience excellent growth on both the top and bottom lines. The family would like to retire but they are willing to remain on for a smooth transition to new ownership. Revenue & earnings are on a trailing twelve month basis and continue to increase.

While the Company continues to grow, there are still many untapped opportunities for a new owner, including but not limited to such things as geographic expansion, adding in-house service technicians, additional product lines, and bringing installation and delivery in-house.

The business is located in sunny Arizona which ranks as one of the top growth markets in the United States. Enjoy a superior lifestyle while enjoying the rewards of a successful business. The products sold by the company are necessary for homeowners and renters alike.

Interested? Contact Steve Ferber PC at or call 480-477-6305. The Wheatley Group is a merger and acquisitions firm located in Scottsdale Arizona. For over 25 years The Wheatley Group has provided its sell-side clients with superior representation. At the same time we recognize that a successful business sale also means a fair deal for the buyer, thus reducing post closing problems. We represent either Sellers or Buyers in a transaction but never both at the same time.

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Growing Specialty Construction Company –  Over $2 Million EBITDA

Growing Specialty Construction Company –  Over $2 Million EBITDA

Located in the Southwest and established over 30 years, this fast growing and very profitable niche construction company boasts excellent growth on both top and bottom lines. Revenues now exceed $16 million with adjusted EBITDA of over $2 million. Exceptionally well run, with extremely strong sales and operational systems in place. The Company has traditionally focused on its core expertise leaving an excellent opportunity for vertical and horizontal growth for a new owner.

For more information on this highly profitable company, contact Steve Ferber PC at or 480-477-6305.

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Printing Company Looking To Expand to Arizona

We are working with a printing company that seeks to expand into the State of Arizona. The ideal business would have significant sheetfed and digital equipment, a stable workforce and revenues in excess of $1 million. If you are the owner of a business that fits this criteria or know a printer that may have an interest in retiring of leaving the business, please contact Steve Ferber PC at 480-477-6305 or

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How To Select The Right Business Broker – Tip #1

Business brokerage is like any other business. There are good brokers and bad brokers. So if you are selling a business how do you tell which is a “good” one?

One way to tell is to ask the broker if they cooperate with other brokers – commonly called co-broke. This is essentially the same as it is in residential home sales where one broker lists the home but another broker might bring the buyer to the transaction.

In my opinion the only valid reason why a broker will not co-operate with another professional broker is pure greed. In other words, they want 100% of the commission for themselves even if it means the seller loses out on a sale or getting the best price for his/her business.

A broker’s responsibility to the owner of a business is to help get the best price for the business. That goal is obviously accomplished by exposing the business to the greatest number of potential buyers. It also helps get the best price for the buyer by often bringing multiple offers to the table which creates a semi-auction situation.

I ran into this situation just a few days ago. A broker, actually a broker who is from out of state and has no presence in the state where the business is located, advertised a business for sale in a neighboring state.

I contacted the broker to find out if the business was still available for sale and if they would co-broke the listing.

The immediate answer was “no” we don’t co-broke. Not even with a professional and experienced business broker representing the Buyer. I asked him, “don’t you feel a fiduciary responsibility to your seller to bring him the best possible value for his/her business instead of worrying about what your commission would be?” A long pause followed.

Of course, the shame of it is that the owner of the business i’m sure had no idea that the broker was turning away a potential sale because the broker was unwilling to split a commission with another experienced broker that could bring a buyer to the deal.

Which leads us to tip #1: When selecting a business broker be sure to ask the broker if he/she will co-broke with other brokers. If the answer is no, say no to the greedy broker and find a broker that has your best interests at heart.

To see how Steve Ferber can help you sell your business honestly and fairly, contact Steve at 602-312-6808 or

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Profitable Arizona Based Trade Magazine Publisher For Sale

Established national trade publishing business – Phoenix, AZ
Superb opportunity for entrepreneur with sales & marketing experience
Highly profitable trade publishing company seeking buyer to take over management and ownership as current owner/CEO transitions into retirement. Long-standing national titles are leaders in two separate industries; state-of-the-art integrated print and digital platforms; established base of repeat clients; proven business model with exceptional margins; clean balance sheet, no debt; turnkey facilities at 24th St and Camelback with excellent editorial and production team already in place; excellent growth and spinoff opportunities within current infrastructure. Trade publishing experience a plus, but not essential for a seasoned manager with strong B-to-B marketing credentials. Annual revenues $1.35M+, discretionary cash flow $375K+. Asking $1,250,000. Seller willing to carry a portion of the purchase price for the right buyer and may consider retaining a passive equity interest.

For more information on this new opportunity please contact Steve Ferber PC at or call 480-477-6305.

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The #1 Article You Must Read Before You Buy a Franchise

If you a thinking about buying a franchise you must read this article and the links below. There is no more important piece of information that can help you compare franchise opportunities then the SBA’s elusive list of franchise default rates.

Let me explain. If you knew that seven out of ten  people who bought a franchise from a particular franchisor that you were considering, defaulted on their SBA bank loan would you reconsider? Conversely, if only one out of thirty people who bought a franchise from a particular franchisor defaulted on their SBA loan would you feel better about your chances? Of course you would.

Well, that information is available online and the results may shock you. Many well known franchise brands regularly show that more than 50% of the franchises they sold to franchisees defaulted on their SBA loans- and probably went out of business.

Does that mean that every franchisee that bought one of those poor performing franchises failed? No, but it shows a trend and raised a red flag that needs to be thoroughly investigated by any potential buyer.

My advice to a anyone considering buying a new or resale franchise offering? Check out these default rate lists below or several others that you can google online.  Then consider playing the odds. It’s your hard earn money. If it were mine, I’d play the odds and go for the franchises with the lowest default rates and instead focus on those with the best odds.

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Is Your Business Broker Invisible?

The decision to hire a merger & acquisition adviser requires interviewing advisers and brokers the same way you would approach the hiring of a new employee.You need to ask the right questions upfront.

But one question that business owners must ask is one that will surprise you. Not because its an odd question, but rather that most business owners would assume it need not even be asked.

In the last few weeks I have represented a Buyer that was interested in two different businesses that we visited – one  in person and one via a conference call. In both instances the business owner was represented by an invisible broker.

Both times the business owner was left to fend for himself. In other words the owner’s broker never showed up.  In one instance the owner’s broker simply said to the client – “Let me know how it goes”.

In all the years I’ve been representing sellers or buyers I’ve been at every single showing of a business – whether I represent a Buyer or a Seller.On those very rare occasions when i had an emergency or I was out of town, my colleague at The Wheatley Group was there.

Put simply, I believe that being there for a client is one of the key responsibilities of a broker.They are there to protect your interests.They cannot do that sitting at home in front of their TV.

When you hire a merger & acquisition or business broker firm you should ask right up front if the broker will be at EVERY meeting. If the answer is no then you’ve got the wrong broker.


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Strategic Buyer Seeking Home Health Care Company in Arizona

Strategic Buyer Seeking Home Health Care Company in Arizona, preferably in Maricopa County. Medical preferred over non-medical but both will be considered. If you are considering selling your home health care company, or you are a broker with a listing for a company of this type please contact Steve Ferber PC or call 480-477-6305

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Maricopa County Named Fastest Growing County in U.S.

Adding 222 people per day last year, Maricopa County, AZ has replaced Harris County, TX as the county with the nation’s highest annual population growth, according to new population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

After eight years at the top of the list, Maricopa County, AZ has replaced Harris County, TX as the county with the nation’s highest annual population growth, according to new population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Maricopa County gained 81,360 people between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016, or about 222 people per day, while the nation’s second-largest population gainer, Harris County, gained 56,587 people, or about 155 people per day on average.

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