We have never breached confidentiality. Not once. Not ever.

We have never breached confidentiality. Not once. Not ever.

by Steve
Confidentiality can be critical to the selling process. As a former business owner myself, I understand and appreciate a seller’s concerns, especially when it comes to dealing with customers, vendors and employees.

Integrity, confidentiality and unwavering loyalty to the client are the cornerstones of our business advisory services.  Your confidential information and materials are always, safe, secure and completely private with the Steve Ferber and The Wheatley Group.  We fully understand that the consequences of a data breach can be extremely damaging to the selling company’s financial and operational integrity and can negatively affect the sale.  That’s why we have never had a breach of confidentiality in our thirty-year history.  Not once.  Not ever.

During the sale process we spend time discussing the issue of confidentiality together. We go over questions such as when to tell the employees about the sale (in most cases the answer is not until after the sale) but there may be exceptions regarding certain key long term employees that you feel need to be – or should be – aware of the pending sale.

We will also discuss the inevitable question of whether a strategic buyer (someone in your industry or perhaps a competitor) would be an ideal buyer. Together we will will decide whether the advantages of approaching strategic buyers outweighs the risks. Strategic buyers can sometimes be your best buyer but they can also be your worst nightmare. We’ll help you decide.

Steve Ferber

“Every deal is different. We will sit down and discuss whether approaching competitors is a risk that makes sense for your business.”


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