Principles of a successful transaction


Principles of a successful transaction

by Steve
It’s plain and simple. Experience counts when selecting the right business broker or merger & acquisition adviser to help you and your family sell your family business. My goal is to help you maximize the price and terms you receive when selling your business. But my role is also to help you find the RIGHT buyer for your “baby”.  That means focusing on price, terms, the quality of the buyer, the financial strength of the buyer and how they are likely to treat your employees going forward.

Here are the principles of a successful business sale…

* Good chemistry between the parties

* A clear mutual understanding of the numbers

* A clear mutual understanding of the agreement

* A mutual respect for the emotions of buyer and seller

* The mutually held belief that both buyer and seller are involved in a good, fair deal

* The right timing…Buyers look at future returns.  So if believe your business is trending upwards over the next 6 to 24 months, then logic tells us it’s the right time to sell.  When the outlook is positive, that’s the right time to sell.

* A motivated seller…Businesses get sold when the seller is committed to the process and to the goal of finding the best buyer.  Dedication and enthusiasm on the seller’s part are crucial.

* Sophisticated online, offline and social media marketing…Our national “reach” in a variety of communication channels will ensure that your company gets the broad exposure it deserves.  Our entire focus is to drive up the value of your company by creating demand through multiple offers.

Steve Ferber

“Trust is the key ingredient in all transactions. If your gut tells you during the honeymoon stage that the buyer is going to be a problem then the odds are they are going to be an even bigger problem post closing”